Good Trees Make Good Neighbours

27th March, 2009

Was due to canvass in North Strand last night. Things did not get off to a good start. Traffic was terrible and then I could not find Ray mcAdam and his team. While waiting to make contact with him I knocked on some doors on Leinster Avenue.

Met a few people while waiting for the call from Ray. Then, saw another political party in the distance. No! Things really going down hill. Meanwhile Leinster Avenue feels like a wind tunnel.

Knock on another door. Door opens, receive a warm welcome. Great. Just what I wanted. Gentleman points up at some beautiful young saplings outside his home. ‘Do you see those trees?’ I am asked. I admire them while feeling something tug at a memory.

It turns out that some questioning I did with the local council around 6 months ago helped with the planting of these trees. I hadn’t been informed by the council that they had actually been planted. Residents on the road are delighted with them.

I am thanked for the help I provided but to be honest I am just thrilled to see the fruits of my work. In these hard times making something good happen, no matter how small, means a lot more. To me in particular.