What should we do differently?

10th February, 2009

Our country is in the middle of an economic crisis. It is global in nature but has been compounded by severe domestic policy errors.......

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Metro North An Bord Pleanala Oral Hearing

9th February, 2009

An Bord Pleanala have just confirmed to the RPA that the Metro North Preliminary Hearing will take place on 2nd March in Croke Park. The Inspector......

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I want to be reincarnated as the Bond Market

8th February, 2009

This is what James Carville, the American Democatic campaigner said after the early months of the Clinton White House. They found that all of their campaign......

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Doing the Lisbon Referendum Earlier

7th February, 2009

  A chorus is beginning to develop around re-running the Lisbon Treaty earlier than October. Some are suggesting June. A very cogent example of......

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When Markets Collide

6th February, 2009

This is the name of a superb book which I’m reading late at night and early in the morning. The author is Mohamed El-Erian. The......

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