1 in 3 Dublin rental properties break the law.

25th October, 2009

Statistics obtained by Senator Paschal Donohoe from the Department of Environment show that 35% of rental properties inspected across Dublin in 2008 did not meet the minimum legal standard. 19% of rental properties inspected in Ireland last year also failed to meet minimum standards.


“Last year 14,880 rental properties were checked by local authorities. Of these 2,854 did not meet the legal standards. This shows that nearly one in five rental properties were not meeting minimum requirements.”

“What is more shocking is that over 1 in 3 of properties checked within the Dublin region also did not meet legal requirements. This is a real problem for tenants of these properties and residents living near them. Dublin City Council reported that a staggering 45% of the 2,822 properties checked failed initial inspections.”

“I am also disappointed to see again that the problem of rogue landlords is not been taken seriously by everybody involved in regulating this sector. Only 8 legal cases were taken against rogue landlords in the entire country and everyone of these was taken by Dublin City Council.”

“Of equal worry are the wildly differing offence rates across the counties and cities of Ireland. While Dublin City Council reported that 45% of properties did not meet standards, Galway City Council reported a 9%
failure rate, Wexford County Council only 2% and Donegal, Westmeath, Meath and other County Councils reported no problems at all.”

“These figures show the poor maintenance of rental properties continues to be a huge problem in our towns and cities but that it is not been treated with the same seriousness by the different authorities involved in
regulating the sector. I want the different local authorities to consistently implement new legislation in this area and use the revenue from increased fines to fund more enforcement.”