11th February, 2011

Dear Voter,

I am writing to ask you for your Number One vote in the General Election. Families throughout our community have been affected by our national crisis. This is now your opportunity to decide how we recover.

We Need Anger….and answers
Like you, Fine Gael is angry. Angry that the Government has destroyed our economy. Angry that the banks have been so poorly regulated. And angry at the way in which low and middle income earners are paying for all of these failures.

But unlike others, Fine Gael has answers. We have put forward a five point recovery plan to get Ireland working:

1. Fix the deficit by prioritising cutting spending over raising taxes. Find out more about this strategy here (http://connect.finegael2011.com/forum/topics/fixing-the-deficit-jobs).
2. Invest to create and keep jobs. More detail on our plans is available here (http://connect.finegael2011.com/forum/topics/jobs-protecting-and-creating ).
3. Create a smaller & more efficient political system. These plans for reform are available here (http://connect.finegael2011.com/forum/topics/politics-taking-the-lead
4.Get our Healthcare System working for everyone. Please access more information on our Faircare plans here (http://connect.finegael2011.com/forum/topics/a-completely-new-health-system
5. Deliver a better, smaller and cheaper public sector. More information is available here (http://connect.finegael2011.com/forum/topics/smaller-better-government

We won’t just shout about the problems. We want to play our part in solving them. The challenges we face are huge, but so is our potential. The right plans will realise this.
A new face for Dublin Central
Throughout the past four years, I have worked hard on your behalf in the Seanad and across Dublin Central. Fine Gael will provide the leadership needed to help Ireland recover. By becoming a TD, I can help with this recovery. Please look here (http://www.paschaldonohoe.ie/?page_id=2) for more information about myself and my track record.
I have always been constructive. If I am against something I will explain what I would do differently. If I hear a better idea I acknowledge it. I will continue this if, you the voters of Dublin Central elect me as your representative to Dail Eireann.

Thank you for your support in the past and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible before the end of this campaign. My website, www.paschaldonohoe.ie, is updated each day.
Kind Regards,