47 days to go.

22nd January, 2011

What a contrast.

This weekend Enda Kenny is addressing the Alliance Party annual conference in Antrim. He is speaking to them as David Ford settles in to his new role as Justice Minister in the Northern Executive and Naomi Long continues to enjoy her new role as the first Alliance Party MP. Like Fine Gael, they have been outside the corridors of power for a long time.

In just a few weeks, I hope my party will be joining them in helping make this island better.

Meanwhile, down South, Fianna Fail is again questioning the leadership of its party. Or rather the lack of leadership. Soundings are being taken and another plot is being openly hatched. What a sorry state our Government is in. Labour’s motion of no confidence is being moved next , which may temporarily unite the warring factions or help hasten Cowen’s demise. Time will tell.

For the non-political, the whole thing must look extremely odd. The real election, of course, is taking place in the streets and on the doorsteps.
Which is where I shall be today.