A lot can happen between two meetings.

20th February, 2009

I attended the convention last night to select Gay Mitchell MEP for the approaching European Parliament elections. When I last attended that meeting (5 years ago) I was a normal foot soldier for Fine Gael. Since then I have fought 3 elections, won 2 and am now a Senator. Can’t believe that so much has happened! Felt odd to hear the different speakers mention me and the work of my EU affairs sub committee.

Gay is an inspiration. He is a dogged worker driven by values and principles. He is the best advocate that I have heard of the value of politics. In the last election he gained nearly 100,000 votes and rescued our party from death in Dublin.

He made a great speach last night on these themes. Gay should have a great chance to take the seat again but we’ll have to work hard on his behalf.

Big social night afterwards for many. I headed off home early though. Still have posters to take down from public meeting on Tuesday night. Last thing I want is a fine!

Check out www.gaymitchell.ie