Additional Luas strikes disappointing for commuters & bad for a recovering economy – Donohoe

15th February, 2016

Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Paschal Donohoe, has this evening (Monday) said the announcement of further strike action by Luas workers is extremely disappointing and puts pressure on a recovering economy that has not yet bedded down.


“News that Luas workers are to stage a further two days strike action on the 8th March and again on St. Patrick’s Day will come as exceptionally bad news not only to commuters, who rely on Luas for their daily commute, but also to the 100,000 overseas visitors who will travel to Dublin to help us celebrate our national holiday. Commuters were seriously inconvenienced last week when a 48 hour strike was held. It appears the decision to stage a further two days of strike action, in particular on St. Patrick’s Day, is being taken with a view to causing maximum disruption, which will be welcomed by no-one.


“Our economy is growing but is still fragile. This industrial action puts added pressure on businesses who are attempting to secure a more stable footing for the future and on our job creation ambitions. Every effort is being made to bed the recovery down so that we can create jobs to pay for services we need. A further two days of strike action at this time will damage our growing tourism sector, leave commuters stranded again and cost the company and workers dearly. I remind everyone that the State’s industrial relations resolution bodies remain ready to assist in finding a resolution to this issue. I call on both parties to the dispute to avail of them.”