Almost €53m in funding to Dublin City Council for cycling, walking and other active travel schemes

24th January, 2022

Your Government, through the National Transport Authority is allocating €289m in funding for local authorities across the country to support the delivery of new and better walking and cycling schemes. Dublin City Council will receive almost €53m in funding.


Dublin Central is set to benefit from investment of €29.2m for the delivery of specific cycling and walking projects as well as from city-wide funding for initiatives that will benefit local communities here. Some of the projects involved include €7.5m for the initial works associated with the Clontarf to City Centre project, an additional €2.2m for the completion of Phases 3 and 4 of the Royal Canal Greenway between the North Strand and Ashtown through Phibsborough and Cabra. In addition, this investment will Dublin City Council to begin the initial design and preparatory work associated with new cycling schemes along the North Circular Road, another linking Drumcondra with Parnell Street, the Tolka Greenway and advancement of the Point Junction Improvement Scheme.


I am particularly happy to confirm that the schools participating in Phase 1 of our new Safe Routes to School Programme will also benefit. With 170 schools nationwide, currently progressing plans customised to their specific needs and challenges, the Safe Routes to School Programme is delivering infrastructure on the route to and in front of our schools making it easier for children, parents and teachers to safely walk, cycle and scoot to school every day.


Dublin Central projects & related schemes:

Royal Canal Greenway (Phase 2) – Sherriff St to Newcomen Bridge (North Strand Road)     €50,000

Newcomen Bridge (North Strand Road)                                                                                             €300,000

Royal Canal Greenway (Phase 3) – Newcomen Bridge (North Strand Road) to Phibsborough     €1,100,000

Liffey Cycle Route (Including Interim Measures)                                                                               €2,850,000

“Point Junction Improvement Scheme (Tom Clark Bridge to Sherrif Street & Cycle Connection to Upper East Wall Road)”                                                                                                                                          €350,000

“Clontarf to City Centre (Talbot St – Alfie Byrne Road Including Tolka Greenway) ”                            €7,500,000

Bus Priority Liaison Office – Staff and Design Costs                                                                           €300,000

Royal Canal Greenway (Phase 4) – Phibsborough to Ashtown                                                        €1,100,000

On – Street Cycle Parking Programme                                                                                                €640,000

Dublin Public Transport Intervention Measures (DPTIM) – Civils Infrastructure                              €1,000,000

City Centre Study Proposals                                                                                                                €100,000

Luas Cross City – Associated Traffic Management Measures                                                           €200,000

Asset Renewal – Cycle Lane / Logo Road Markings                                                                           €300,000

Asset Renewal – Bus Lane Road Markings                                                                                          €300,000

Cycle Parking for Schools                                                                                                                    €100,000

Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) – Programme                                                                     €200,000

Point Junction Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge                                                                                      €250,000

Cycle Safety Intersections                                                                                                                   €150,000

East Coast Trail – S2S (East Wall Road to Liffey)                                                                                 €200,000

Grangegorman to Kevin St Cycle and Pedestrian Route                                                                    €150,000

Sustainable Urban Mobility Proposals                                                                                                €50,000

Safe to Schools Programme                                                                                                                €500,000

Parnell St to Prussia St (via Grangegorman) Walking and Cycling Scheme                                      €50,000

Bolton St to Parliament St Walking and Cycling Scheme                                                                  €50,000

Amiens St to Georges / City Quay Walking and Cycling Scheme                                                     €50,000

Prospect Way Walking and Cycling Scheme                                                                                      €50,000

Glasnevin to Clontarf Rd Walking and Cycling Scheme                                                                     €50,000

Grangegorman to Thomas St Walking and Cycling Scheme                                                             €50,000

North Circular Road Walking and Cycling Scheme                                                                            €50,000

Drumcondra to Parnell St Walking and Cycling Scheme                                                                   €50,000

Tolka Greenway (Fairview to Mobhi Rd)                                                                                            €50,000

Cabra to Blanchardstown Walking and Cycling Scheme                                                                   €50,000

NTA Walking and Cycling Plan (5 year) – Surveying works                                                                 €250,000

Cycle Facilities – Capital Investment and Asset Management (Road Sweepers and Other Plant)        €200,000

Schools Zones Programme – Walking & Cycling                                                                                €500,000

Cycle Parking Sports Clubs                                                                                                                  €70,000

Additional Outdoor Infrastructure – Dublin City Council                                                                   €100,000

Dublin bikes Hybrid Pedelx Upgrades                                                                                                 €1,500,000

New Pedestrian Crossings  – Citywide                                                                                                 €3,000,000

Accesses Improvement Measures – Public Parks                                                                               €100,000

Walking & Cycling Improvement Measures in Public Parks                                                              €500,000

Greater Dublin Area Traffic Control Centre                                                                                        €350,000

Dublin City Council Active Travel Office – Staff Costs                                                                         €2,500,000

Dublin City Council – Rapid Deployment Active Travel Measures                                                    €2,500,000

End of Life Footpath and Pavement Asset Renewal                                                                          €1,000,000