An Bord Snip (the sequel)

17th July, 2009

Because there will be one. This is the key thing about the debate that we will have.We need our national finances in order so that our children can have jobs and so that we can have hospitals and gardai working for us tomorrow. It’s not for the sake of some bad mad right wing ideology. It’s because when the national finances break down it’s the people who have the least who suffer the most.

However we are in such a hole that we will need at least 2 more Bord Snip reports that find the same mount of money. This assumes no big change in our tax base. If the tax base goes up then we need less in spending savings.

So what does this mean? Well, I hope it spells the end of FF for a generation. They have destroyed our economy. Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen are the culprits of this. May the scourge of the electorate mirror that of future historians. It also means that we have to recreate politics in Ireland. That’s why the debate on swipe cards in Leinster House earlier this week was so depressing.