Back to normal

30th June, 2009

Spent the morning in a special Fine Gael parliamentary meeting reviewing the results of the local, European and bye elections. We started at 9 and finished at 2. All I will say about the meeting was that everyone was very clear about the challenges facing the country and that we need to respond in this completely new economic and political environment.

After had a EU Affairs Committee meeting. This was focused on a meeting with the Swedish Ambassador about the priorities for his country’s presidency of the EU. I questioned him on his country’s response to a potential application for EU membership from Iceland and also on the status of cross national laws on the trafficking of children.

From this I had a meeting on what can be done to support Irish hi-tech start ups during a recessions. Planning to do work on this across the summer. Rushed home to help make dinner.

Then off to the East Wall community forum to review a range of issues with the local residents association. Evening ended with a visit to a constituent in their home. Now off to my own (home, that is).