Bank Holiday Campaigning

1st June, 2009

Why would you do it? Why would anyone do it? People are having a day off, the sun is shining, great events like Bloom and the mini marathon are happening. You are there with your family or friend chilling out and then you feel a tug at your arm. Maybe it’s your child looking for attention, or your friend grabbing you. No. It’s a politician looking for a vote.

With 4 days to go to polling day this is what you do.

Today the mini marathon is happening in the centre of Dublin. Suddenly a ladder appears in the middle of it along with a gaggle of photographers. There I am on it, George a few rungs below me. Putting up posters on job creation. Smiling away, waving at people.

All good fun but deadly serious. A guy who has lost his job with SRT Technics comes up to question George. That’s why we are campaigning on a bank holiday.