Better Management of our Economy – From Paschal’s Annual Report 07/08

1st September, 2008

In the Last Year I have Worked For:-

New Opportunities for Financial Services.

A sovereign wealth fund is a state owned investment fund. They are worth over $3 trillion. I am leading a report for the European Affairs Committee on policy on these funds to identify opportunities for Ireland. The Docklands Financial Centre could become a centre for the management of these funds. We need new thinking on employment and investment in Ireland. I hope to contribute through this work.

Delivering Better Value for Your Money

As a former company director I made decisions about how to invest my company’s money smartly. I have used this experience to campaign for the smarter investment of your money in the following areas:-

  • Better use of new computer systems. This included a review of a €60 million euro system and the use of IT consultants.
  • Stronger action from spending reviews. My examination of spending reviews highlighted the lack of progress made in evaluating major government spending.
  • The Department of Finance has since announced a new method for increasing efficiency.

New Thinking on Public Service Reform

I am a passionate advocate of public service reform. Those using public services must have more information and the ability to make more decisions about the public services they are receiving. I have used the Seanad and the media to advance proposals about we could improve and reform our services.

A Different Voice in Seanad Eireann

As someone who has worked in the multinational sector and in local businessI have a deep appreciation of the need for our economy to perform well. I have effectively contributed on a wide range of economic issues in the Seanad. They include international competitiveness, life long learning, the financial services industry and data protection.

“A young Fine Gael senator, Paschal Donohoe, blew a lot of cobwebs out of the chamber. Paschal was the real McCoy.” Senator Shane Ross, Sunday Independent, October 2007