6th May, 2013


Following continued problems with the Killala Road swale, Plant & Planters Contractors are due to undertake repair works on behalf of Dublin City Council this week. From speaking to the Drainage Engineers, I understand that the filter drains initially installed last autumn have failed across a three metre stretch of the swale. These underground filter drains are designed to allow flood water drain away whilst preventing dirt and gravel getting into the system. Unfortunately, because of the flaws in the drains installed water constantly pooled at the base of the swale. Weather permitting; the contractors will be on site this week to begin these remedial works. The original drains will be removed and new underground filter drains installed. The swale will be dug up again but unlike last time, these works will be taking place at the height of summer which should allow grass to grow quicker and return the area to normal. The works are expected to last for two to three days and it is hoped that this will finally address any problems with the Killala Road swale.



Dublin City Council Planners requested additional information from Cluid Housing earlier this year following the submission of its application to develop lands beside the Church of the Most Precious Blood. Extra information relating to the height of the proposed development, the management of construction traffic and the impact of the proposal on nearby homes was requested following the public consultation phase on the application. Following the lodging of this information, the City Council decided last week to grant permission for the development. In granting planning permission, fifteen separate conditions and restrictions have been imposed on Cluid Housing relating to drainage works, water services, traffic management, hours of work and noise pollution among others. There is a specific requirement on Cluid Housing to submit a construction traffic management plan with the Roads & Traffic Department of Dublin City Council. No works will be permitted on site until this traffic plan is agreed with the Council. Similar conditions are laid down in respect of drainage. A flood risk assessment will have to be carried out and submitted to the Council before any construction or demolition work is allowed to begin. If you have any questions or queries about this decision, please get in touch with me.



The inclusion of Gaelscoil Bharra in the Department of Education’s school building programme was a massive step forward in attaining new facilities for the Gaelscoil. A Design team was appointed last October to work alongside the Board of Management to advance the planning and design of the new school building. I will continue to offer all my support to the families, Board and teachers of the school to ensure the speedy construction of a much needed new school building.



As you know, since my election to the Dail I have frequently contributed to debates on important legislation as well as highlighting issues of concern to local communities. In the last month, I have spoken on the Houses of the Oireachtas (Inquiries, Privileges and Procedures) Bill 2013, Ministers and Secretaries (Amendment) Bill 2012, Housing (Amendment) Bill 2013 and the Companies Bill 2012. I have also requested that the Ceann Comhairle allow time for a debate on the on-going negotiations between the Office of Public Works and the Irish Insurance Federation regarding the provision of flood insurance for areas affected by flooding. This is obviously an important issue for many families and home-owners in the Cabra area. Let me assure you that I will keep you updated of developments in this regard. Other matters recently raised by me in the Dail include difficulties encountered by UIster Bank customers with Mortgage Interest Relief, the planned LUAS cross-city that will be of huge benefit to Cabra and problems for Carers’ in having their applications processed.



Problems with the derelict condition of some buildings and sites across Cabra continue to be raised with myself and Councillor Mary O’Shea. Residents have spoken to me about the poor appearance of the former Dublin Discount Club building on Bannow Road. I understand that officials in the Derelict Sites Section have been in contact with the owner of this particular site and that a follow-up inspection will take place shortly. Further improvement works have been requested of the owners of buildings on Carnlough Road. Again, officials have assured me that they will continue to review these cases and request that further works be carried out wherever necessary.



Dublin City Council allocated almost €60,000 in small grants to clubs, projects and Residents’ Associations across Dublin Central this year. Of that allocation more than €8,500 has been distributed to groups and projects located across Cabra. The purpose of the community grants scheme is to encourage and support local people to undertake small improvements in their neighbourhood, to organise a community festival or event or to provide assistance to projects for the elderly or the vulnerable in our community.