20th December, 2013

Work on constructing a new permanent school facility for Gaelscoil Bharra will begin next year. Confirmation of Gaelscoil Bharra’s inclusion in the 2014 School Building Programme was provided to me by the Minister for Education in the last few days. Officials from the Department of Education will be in contact shortly with the Board of Management in Gaelscoil Bharra to finalise the design details of the new school building, after which a formal planning application will be lodged with Dublin City Council. I will continue to liaise with the Gaelscoil, the Board of Management and the Department of Education to ensure that the construction phase of this project starts as early as possible next year. 

The City Council has agreed on the schedule of same day bin collections across the city. This was a requirement of the new Waste Storage, Presentation and Collection bye-laws which Councillors approved earlier this year. At the recent Environment & Engineering Strategic Policy Committee meeting it was agreed that the city will be split into six different districts whereby operators will collect household rubbish on a designated day. It has been further agreed that where waste operators are found to be operating outside of the designated days, they will be liable to fines, possible prosecutions or potentially lose their licence to operate. The designated day collection arrangement will come into effect from March 3rd next. When this policy is implemented from next March, bin collection day in Cabra will be Tuesday. If you have any questions or queries arising from the information outlined above, please get in touch with me.

Despite repair works being carried out by the City Council on the swale on Killala Green, difficulties have persisted and the swale is not working to the maximum extent possible. Residents from Killala Road met with engineers from the Drainage Division of Dublin City Council in October and put forward a list of actions that could be taken to rectify the problem. I have been liaising with the Drainage Division to determine what exact works are necessary to get the swale working to its fullest extent. From information provided to me by the City Council, I understand that only a relaying of the entire filter drain network in the swale will ensure that the ponding of water stops. Officials have agreed to the construction of a pathway near the swale as well as the planting of shrubs at the drain inlets and outlets. In terms of the expected completion of these works, the Drainage Division are continuing to liaise with local residents as to when such work should take place. 

The Public Domain Unit of Dublin City Council continues to remove incidents of graffiti on various sites across the Cabra district. Both the Probation Service and the Council’s Corporate Contractor have removed graffiti on Kilkiernan Road, St. Attracta Road, St. Eithne Road and on Broombridge Bridge. As always, if there are items of graffiti on your street or avenue, please get in touch with me and I will arrange for its removal.

I know that there is much concern across the Cabra community about the apparent rise in house burglaries in recent weeks. That is why I continue to work closely with local Gardai and the Co-ordinator of the Community Policing Forum in order to ensure an effective Garda response is in place to deal with such problems. Indeed, I will be meeting senior Gardai shortly to discuss the issue of house break-ins and what additional measures are being taken to alleviate the threat posed by burglars. I understand that in the past few days, local Gardai have been involved in a new city-wide targeted operation put in place by the Assistant Commissioner for Dublin. As a result, additional patrols have now been put in place across the Cabra district in order to combat the risk of homes being broken into as well as re-assuring older people, in particular, that Gardai are visibly present across Cabra. Local Gardai have also advised me that they will be maintaining a visible presence across Cabra in order to tackle some persistent public order issues. In particular, the Special Beat established by the Community Policing team on Fassaugh Avenue will continue to prevent further issues with anti-social behaviour. 

In recent days, residents on a number of streets across the Cabra district have been in contact with me about vehicles being abandoned near their homes. The cars, that have been effectively dumped, have neither tax nor insurance on display and have been left for a prolonged period of time. I have since contacted the Abandoned Cars Section of Dublin City Council and remain in contact with the local Gardai to have them removed. Should the last known owners not remove the cars within a specified period of time; they will be removed and impounded by the City Council. If you have concerns about cars abandoned on your street or avenue, please contact me and I will arrange for their removal.

€19milion has been allocated by the Minister for Sport for the provision of grants to sporting clubs and societies in 2014. Any group interested in applying for funding next year should immediately register their interest This programme is designed to provide funding to assist in the development of sports facilities and the provision of sports equipment for clubs across the country. Only last month, I saw the benefit of this programme of assistance when I accompanied the Minister for Sport during his visit to the Sean McDermott Street taekwondo club where he provided €25,000 in Departmental assistance to help upgrade the club’s facilities. If you are involved in a sporting club or group and would like more information about the 2014 Sports Capital Grants scheme, please email at