Cabra Community Update, November 2013

18th November, 2013


Dublin City Council has introduced a new scheme of allocating social housing. Previously, applicants were awarded points and the higher the number of points one had, the more likely it was for an offer of alternative accommodation to be made. Under the new scheme approved by Councillors and the Department of the Environment, a person’s housing need will be determined by the length of time they had been on the housing waiting list. In addition, any applicant who currently has a medical or welfare priority will maintain that level and will be included in the first of the three band process. Consideration will also be given to family size, bedroom shortage / over-crowding, lack of facilities and area preferences. If you are currently on Dublin City Council’s housing list and are unsure about how the new allocation scheme will work, please contact me at

The City Council is continuing to assess the feasibility of laying a new 600mm diameter pipe as part of plans to greatly enhance the drainage network in the Cabra East area. So far, the Drainage Division has carried out a number of trial openings or excavation works along Dowth Avenue and Leix Road to determine whether such a pipe can be laid. Further surveys at the junction of Dowth Avenue and Cabra Road will take place across the coming days and following their completion, the Council will make a decision as to what is the most appropriate way to increase the drainage capacity in the Christ the King district. As soon as a decision is reached on moving this matter forward, I will be in touch with residents to keep you updated. 

As you know the Department of Education has included Gaelscoil Bharra in the five year school-building programme and I continue to liaise with officials to ensure the project continues to move forward. A design team within the Department is currently working on finalising the design of the new school facilities and documents will shortly be submitted that will allow for the cost of the project to be determined before a contractor can be appointed. As soon as this is completed, the Department of Education will liaise with the Gaelscoil to draw up the time-scale for the remainder of the project. 

Work will shortly begin on the construction of a new over-bridge to replace the existing Reilly’s Bridge rail-crossing on the Ratoath Road. As part of this project, I have been liaising with local residents, Dublin City Council and Irish Rail in order to ensure that the concerns of the local community are listened to and sufficiently addressed. Part of this work requires, in my view, a community liaison committee which would be independently chaired and includes representatives of local residents’ groups, various Departments of Dublin City Council and Irish Rail. There are understandable concerns about how the new bridge and the construction of it, will impact on the local community. These are issues that must be addressed and I believe a community liaison committee will provide the best forum for the resolution of such matters. Initial discussions between residents, Irish Rail and Dublin City Council have now taken place and I hope that we can successfully progress the establishment of an effective liaison committee. 

Engineers with the City Council’s Traffic Advisory Group are currently examining a variety of requests for traffic calming measures to be introduced across the Cabra district. Residents on Dunmanus Road have requested that speed ramps be installed in an effort to reduce the speed of vehicles on the road. Requests for the installation for improved street signage and road markings along Broombridge Road are also under consideration. Consultations between officials in the City Council with the Gardai, Dublin Bus and local residents are continuing following a request for greater traffic calming measures to be installed along Fassaugh Avenue outside Gaelscoil Bharra as well as at the junction of Kilkiernan Road and Killala Road. I understand that recommendations on each of these requests are not likely to come before local Councillors until December at the earliest. 

Irish Rail has commenced upgrade works at Broombridge train station. These works include the installation of CCTV, improved public lighting and new concrete seating. I understand that Irish Rail has also agreed to install additional signage leading up to the station. I hope that with the completion of these works that Broombridge train station becomes a more welcome place for local train users than it was in the past.