Cabra Update

28th December, 2010


Approximately, four weeks ago, I outlined the City Council’s plans to construct to swales in the Killala Road to tackle problems experienced in the recent past with flooding.Further information has been made available by Council officials and I wanted to provide an update on the situation as there have been difficulties in the Navan Road area with the construction of swales there.

The City Council has taken a three-pronged approach to addressing the problems with flood prevention in the Cabra area. Gerry O’Connell, Senior Engineer with the Flood Defence Unit in Dublin City Council has assured me that the sewer on the old cement silo lands were repaired. Improvement works to increase the size of the water pipe on Carnlough Road have also taken place. The third part of this flood preventions scheme is the construction of the two swales on Killala Road and Drumcliffe Road. It was decided to construct the swales at these locations given the lack of green space in the area.

Officials have assured me that prior to any works taking place, a presentation will be made to local residents outlining in detail the design and specific location of the swales. As issues with landscaping have arisen with the Navan Road works, the cost of landscaping works will be included in all estimates for this project. It is anticipated that the overall of this scheme will be €300,000 with the funding coming from the Department of the Environment.