Carnage on Dublin Streets Continues

8th January, 2009

Another inner city murder and the shooting incident in Kinsealy show that the government is continuing to lose the battle on gangland crime. Criminals still have easy access to guns and these guns allow them to run drug empires through fear and murder. Department of Justice figures show that in 2007 there were 214 people in jail for not paying their debts. Yet there are only 14 gang members in jail for murder despite the threat gangland crime causes to the lives and safety of Dubliners who can get caught in the cross fire of criminal activity.

Fine Gael has proposals that will tackle the menace of gang land crime. Firstly, we want 25 years to be the minimum period that should be served for murder. Secondly, we must make it impossible for criminals to go about their daily activity, we want Civil Restriction Orders to restrict the movement of gangsters and to stop their association with certain people. Finally, more must be done at our ports, airports and costs to stop the supply of guns and drugs into our country.