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Our New National Question

24th August, 2012

Paschal Donohoe TD – ‘Economic Sovereignty’ – Parnell Summer School, Monday 13th August. Ireland faces a new National Question. The old National Question focused......

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Ireland and the New National Question

24th November, 2011

Open publication – Free publishing – More dail...

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My Review of ‘A History of Irish Economic Thought’

11th December, 2010

Was just published by Studies-An Irish Quarterly Review and is available HERE...

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The future of the European Stability and Growth Pact

15th October, 2010

This is my paper to the Kenmare Economics Workshop on the future of the SGP. It was prepared with Rodney Thom, former Head of......

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Talking to a Brick Wall

7th September, 2010

My review of a new book by Gordon Brown’s chief pollster is now on Slugger O’Toole ....

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What Ireland did Right

16th August, 2010

Yes, in these gloomy and difficult times it is easy to forget that for a while some good decisions were made. Slugger O’Toole has......

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Capitalism 4.0 – Review

9th August, 2010

The Irish Times today publish my review of this brilliant new book. It is available HERE....

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Report on the Future of the Stability and Growth Pact

14th July, 2010

Today I launched my report on the future of the Stability and Growth Pact. This develops my theme of our new National Question. You......

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Letter in the Sunday Independent

30th March, 2010

Sir, Marc Coleman’s recent criticism of Fine Gael’s economic thinking ignores all of our recent policies. While commentators and politicians sometimes make selective use......

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Winning elections isn’t as easy as it seems

3rd March, 2010

Just published an article on Slugger, available here about the difficulties facing the Tories in the UK and if this means anything for the......

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