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Oireachtas Parliamentary Fellowship

10th July, 2009

I’ve been informed that the Houses of the Oireachtas have launched a Parliamentary Fellowship to mark the 90th anniversary if Dail Eireann. This fellowship......

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Jobseekers Allowance acting as poverty trap

10th July, 2009

The rules governing the Jobseekers Allowance- which entitles a jobseeker to return to full-time education in order to equip themselves with the necessary training......

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Thoughts of a Ball Room Dancing Economist

5th May, 2009

The Irish Times published my review of Vince Cable’s book yesterday. Cable is the leading British opposition politician and was prophetic in spotting the......

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The Realist Profile!

4th May, 2009

The Sunday Independent published a profile of me yesterday. Please have a look here if you missed it. The entire process of doing the interview and seeing......

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Paschal featured in the Sunday Independent Business Section.

25th March, 2009

Click on the image to see a larger version of the article:...

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Democracy vs Big Business?

13th January, 2009

The Irish Times published my review of ‘ Supercapitalism’ by Robert Reich yesterday. The author is a former Cabinet Member for President Clinton. The full review......

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Changed World needs new attitude to Treaty

4th December, 2008

The Irish Times published an article by Paschal about Ireland’s future relationship with Europe. Please read it below....

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Report on Ireland’s Future in Europe

2nd December, 2008

  The Oireachtas Sub Committee have published their report on Ireland’s Future in Europe. This report considers the impact of the Lisbon Referendum on......

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Know Where You Stand – A Guide to Your Entitlements by Paschal Donohoe and Ray McAdam

29th October, 2008

  Know Where You Stand In 2009, download this PDF...

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29th September, 2008

Book review by Paschal as Published in the Irish Times, 29 September, 2008. Paschal Donohoe is a member of Seanad Eireann. He was formerly......

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