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The ECB and the Bank Bill

20th December, 2010

My comments on the Credit Institutions Stabilisation Bill appear to be shared by the European Central Bank. They have particularly focused on how this......

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Thoughts on the Credit Institutions Stabilisation Bill 2010

19th December, 2010

This is the Bill designed to give the Government additional and strong powers in relation to banks that pose a threat to the financial stability of......

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My Review of ‘A History of Irish Economic Thought’

11th December, 2010

Was just published by Studies-An Irish Quarterly Review and is available HERE...

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The deal

29th November, 2010

Everyone is talking about the IMF/ECB deal today. As well they should. Will have a major impact on our country. Am going to reserve......

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Order of Business today, October 20th

20th October, 2010

I took the Order of Business for Fine Gael in the Seanad today. This means that I go first in the day. Always enjoy......

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My Presentation at Kenmare

18th October, 2010

Please find the powerpoint presentation that I used at Kenmare. Got plenty of questions about it at the conference and it’s covered in the......

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The future of the European Stability and Growth Pact

15th October, 2010

This is my paper to the Kenmare Economics Workshop on the future of the SGP. It was prepared with Rodney Thom, former Head of......

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Consensus Politics

7th October, 2010

My comments last Thursday in the Seanad have certainly caused some debate. I then suggested that we need to find some way of bringing......

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Old Motor Tax Building

24th September, 2010

Sums it all up....

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Bond Tuesday Tomorrow

20th September, 2010

The FT is reporting that the ECB had to intervene to buy Irish Government bonds last week. This isn’t too surprising. I have no......

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