1st August, 2014

My appointment as Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport provides me with numerous challenges and opportunities over the next two years. Ensuring that the LUAS Cross-City project to Cabra is delivered on time and within budget will be a key objective of my time as Minister. I also look forward to working closely with Dublin City Council on advancing many important projects across the City and region, including the further expansion of the successful Dublin Bikes Scheme and ensuring that other cycle infrastructure projects are delivered. It is a huge honour to be appointed to Cabinet and I remain fully committed to working on behalf of and representing the communities of Dublin Central across the coming years.


An application (2990/14) seeking permission to develop the site to the rear of Bridewell Garda Station has been lodged with the Planning Department of Dublin City Council. The application was lodged on July 2nd last and it requests permission to build student accommodation which will be five, six and seven stories high. A total of 267 units will be provided as part of this development. Other facilities set to be included in the development are a gym, pool room, laundry room and a management office. The application also seeks permission for large signage to be mounted on the roof of the proposed development. Given the size and scale of the proposed development, both Councillor Ray McAdam and I wanted to ensure that you were aware of the application before the City Council and to provide you with an opportunity to make a submission on the plans. The Planning Department will be accepting submissions until August 5th. Your submission should be sent to the Planning Department, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 2 inclusive of the €20 fee. It is expected that a decision on this application will be made before the end of August. If you have any questions or queries arising from the details outlined above, please get in touch with myself or Councillor McAdam.


The City Council has advanced plans for the redevelopment of the Markets building as part of plans for the creation of a new Wholesale & Retail Market. A further presentation was made to local Councillors earlier this month following discussions that took placed between the Council and the market traders. These discussions have resulted in changes to the planning application that will come before Councillors in September. Following discussions between myself, Councillor Ray McAdam and other residents about the need for the provision of recreational facilities for children as part of this overall plan, we are happy to report that local Councillors agreed to include proposals for a Multi-Use Games Area on the car-park near the Fruit Market. Both Councillor McAdam and I will be working with officials to ensure that funding is providing in the Council Budget for this amenity. The formal public consultation process will begin shortly and we encourage residents to take part in this process.


Following requests from local residents, the Traffic Advisory Group of Dublin City Council is once again examining the need for a right filter light to be introduced from Church Street onto North King Street. The need for such a filter light has repeatedly been raised with both Councillor Ray McAdam and I. We expect a decision on the matter to be made in September. The need for greater traffic calming measures along North King Street at the junction
with Queen Street is still being assessed by the traffic engineers. No decision is likely until the autumn. Additional Pay & Display and Permit Parking are to be introduced on Liffey Street West following the agreement of the Traffic Advisory Group to requests made by local residents. Traffic engineers are still considering whether the double yellow lines on Little Mary Street need to be extended. A further report is likely to be presented to Councillors at their September meeting before a decision is taken on the matter. If there are any traffic-related issues which you would like Councillor McAdam or I to raise on your behalf, please contact us.


Both Councillor Ray McAdam and I have been working with the Public Domain Unit of Dublin City Council to develop solutions to bring about the litter & illegal dumping problem. The bye-laws adopted by Councillors last year have enabled the Council to carry out door-to-door surveys in areas where dumping persists. Householders have been asked to provide evidence of how they dispose of their household waste. Multi-let houses, where no waste management system was in place were identified and work undertaken to identify the owners of these properties. In addition, the compilation of CCTV evidence has enabled the Council take legal proceedings against some of those responsible for the dumping and littering. The existing street cleaning schedule is not satisfactory and as a result additional cleaning and power-washing will now take place on a scheduled and response basis. The Chief Executive of the Council is currently assessing a report that outlines the additional technology, staff and resources which are required to ensure the cycle of dumping and littering is broken.


The Public Domain Unit of Dublin City Council has been removing items of graffiti on various sites across the Church Street district in the past number of weeks. The Probation Service, the Council’s Corporate Contractor and the City Council’s Waste Management Services have removed graffiti along Ormond Quay, Ormond Lane, Ormond Place, The Markets, North King Street, Eilis Court, Smithfield Plaza, Beresford Street, North Brunswick Street, Liffey Street West, Benburb Street, Hendrick Street and Wood Lane. As always, if there are items of graffiti on your street or avenue, please get in touch with Councillor McAdam and I and we will arrange for its removal.


The Housing Maintenance Section of Dublin City Council is continuing with repair works to the roofs of Kevin Barry House. These works are part of a wider programme of works that are being undertaken in City Council complexes across the North West Inner City, including Constitution Hill. The roof of one of the blocks have already been completed and it is expected that works on the remaining block will be completed within the coming days. Too many residents in Kevin Barry House have been experiencing leaks in their roof and it is envisaged that the complete re-felting of the roof of the complex will prevent future leakages. If you would like further information about these works, please get in touch with myself and Councillor Ray McAdam.


The Department of Social Protection will be accepting applications for the Back to School Clothing & Footwear Allowance until September 30th next. Application forms are available in your local Social Welfare and Intreo Office. Alternatively, the form can be downloaded from Anyone in receipt of the payment previously should have already a letter from the Department of Social Protection when and how their allowance will be paid for the upcoming academic year starting in September. If you are experiencing difficulties with the Department of Social Protection in respect of this payment or require assistance with the application form, please contact me on 01618 3689.