24th May, 2012

Update from your local Councillor Ray McAdam, Ray works closely with Paschal Donohoe TD.


Some residents spoke to me at a recent community forum about the early start of the Watermains works that are currently on-going in the Church Street area. Following their enquiries, I spoke with the Rehabilitation Project team asking whether works could start somewhat later in the mornings. Given the significant works that are required to improve the water supply network in the area as well as the need for the work to be completed quickly, daily works will continue to start at 8am. I understand that work on the Watermain Rehabilitation Project in the area is due to be completed before the end of May.


Throughout my time on the City Council, I have continued to highlight the volume of derelict sites in the North Inner City and the need for action to be taken against the owners of these properties. Unfortunately, there are a number of sites in the Church Street district that are in a dilapidated condition and accordingly I asked the Derelict Sites Section of Dublin City Council to inspect these properties. Officials informed me at this month’s Dublin Central Area Committee, which I chair, that they are now inspecting 60, 67, 78, 79, 80, 82 and 86 North King Street as well as 18 & 19 Bow Street. Following these inspections, should the City Council classify the properties as legally derelict, these property owners will become liable to significant fines. Recent strong action from the City Council in relation to derelict properties in Phibsborough is welcome but more must be done.


Throughout the past number of weeks, I have been liaising with the Public Domain Office of Dublin City Council to ensure this year’s weed removal programme starts early, given how mild our winter has been. Officials have informed me that two complete sprays will be carried out across the Church Street area during the coming months. The first spray commenced across the Inner City this week with the second one expected to take place from around August 1st next. However, these dates are very much weather dependent. Dublin Central is scheduled to be the first of the five administration areas in the city to be sprayed.


I continue to liaise with the Drainage Division of Dublin City Council to ensure that there is a regular programme of shore and gully cleaning in the Church Street district. Recent streets that have had shores and gullies cleaned include:
· North King Street: 48 of 48 shores cleaned
· Coleraine Street: 7 of 7 shores cleaned
· Beresford Street: 8 of 8 shores cleaned
· Ormond Square: 24 of 26 shores cleaned
· Charles Street West: 8 of 8 shores cleaned
· New Street North: 4 of 4 shores cleaned
If you are not satisfied with the level of shore and gully cleaning on your street, please let me know and I’ll arrange to have those shores cleaned. Please contact me on 086 847 1720 or


The problem of illegal dumping of rubbish continues across the Church Street district and the wider Inner City. However, Dublin City Council has been working to address the problem. Litter Wardens have, since the start of the year, issued 152 fines as well as removing nearly 1500 dumped bags. Since the City Council’s exit from the Kerbside Bin Collection, 43 of the 110 former waste management staff have been transferred to street cleaning duties to assist with tackling the problem of illegal dumping.


The Dublin City Neighbourhoods Competition is an annual competition for communities, schools and businesses in the city organised by Dublin City Council. It is an Area based competition with categories judged initially before being selected to go forward to the citywide competition. The closing date for receipt of nominations is FRIDAY MAY 4th. Should you be involved in a residents’ association or group and would be interested in taking part in the competition, application forms or further information can be got be contacting the City Council on 222 5315.


There has been a notable increase in the amount of dog dirt on streets across the city. Unfortunately, the problem is particularly acute on streets across the Church Street district. Dog owners are legally required under the Litter Pollution Act to pick up after their dog should it litter the street. Sadly, too many dog-owners are ignoring this responsibility leaving footpaths in an unacceptably dirty condition. In an effort to tackle the problem, Dublin City Council will be running an awareness programme to highlight the need for responsible behaviour on this issue. The City Council has also presented a number of proposed amendments to the Litter Pollution Act and I understand these measures are under active consideration by the Department of the Environment.


The Budget announced prior to Christmas included changes to how the Universal Social Change will apply for those on low incomes. Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan TD announced that people would now be able to earn more than €10,000 before having to pay the USC. Fine Gael committed prior to the General Election to review the Universal Social Charge because we felt it was an unnecessarily punitive measure on people who could least afford it. I very much welcome this decision, as I believe it was help particularly low paid and part time workers. I know too many people who have refused jobs because the pay is only slightly more than the Jobseeker’s Benefit after the Universal Social Charge has been taken. The decision taken by this Fine Gael-led Government not to increase income tax was is also welcome. It is a decision informed by the same principle that seen us abolish the USC for the lowest paid.


If you are a tenant of Dublin City Council and are experiencing problems with maintenance issues, please let me know. As a member of the City Council’s Housing Strategic Policy Committee, I am working to establish the extent of the problem and what action the City Council can take the alleviate delays. You can contact me on 086 847 1720 or by email at


Dublin City Council is working along with An Bord Bia and other agencies in respect of redeveloping the Fruit & Vegetable market building. At present works are underway comprising the cleaning down and repainting of the roof. Electrical works are also being carried out at this stage. The work is being conducted on a ‘bay by bay’ basis, which involves considerable planning and organising in an effort to minimise the disruption to the Wholesale Traders. Works have nearly been completed on one bay in the market building with remaining works to be completed by the summer.


Former City Council customers were badly let down by the Council and Greyhound for their joint failure to adequately explain how the change-over would operate, whether people would have to pay up-front charges or when their rubbish would be collected. Sadly, too many residents are continuing to experience difficulties with the service, or lack thereof, bring provided by Greyhound. Issues still remain with late collections, the non-provision of recycling bags and the availability of tags. Sadly, Greyhound’s customer service does little to help or support residents experiencing problems. However, I am continuing to liaise with both Greyhound and Dublin City Council to ensure any missed collections are provided as quickly as possible and that customer complaints are efficiently responded to. It is also important to remember that there is nothing to stop residents from seeking an alternative service provider. There are eleven other companies in the City Council area who are permitted to collect household waste. Please contact me at if you wish to enquire about changing to another collector.