24th May, 2012

Update from Councillor Ray McAdam working with Paschal Donohoe TD


After three reports to date and numerous Council meetings, I believe the response by the City Council to the severe flooding that occurred last October as being woeful. The Drainage Division presented a briefing to the Central Area Committee which I chair last week. Despite repeated assurances that this would be a comprehensive report outlining the measures required to reduce the risk of flooding in at risk areas of Dublin Central, the briefing contained little new information. No engineering solutions for at risk areas were provided, no information about steps householders could take to secure their home and it no explanation was given for what caused flooding of certain parts of the city. In particular, I sought a progress report on flood prevention measures for the Clonliffe Road and Ballybough area which were promised in 2008, again no such information was provided. As Chairman of the Dublin Central Area Committee, I was not prepared to accept such a report and therefore requested the Drainage Division to provide answers to my questions at the next meeting which I will subsequently update you on.


I continue to liaise with the Drainage Division of Dublin City Council to ensure that there is a regular programme of shore and gully cleaning in the Clonliffe Road and Ballybough area. Recent streets that have had shores and gullies cleaned include:
• Ballybough Road: 25 of 25 shores cleaned
• Clonliffe Gardens: 9 of 10 shores cleaned
• Clonliffe Road 17 of 22 shores cleaned
• Elizabeth Street: 6 of 6 shores cleaned
If you are not satisfied with the level of shore or gully cleaning on your street, please let me know and I’ll arrange to have these shores cleaned. Please contact me on 086 847 1720 or


Throughout the past number of weeks, residents on Tolka Road have spoken to me about the need to have the River Tolka cleaned. I understand that the Maintenance Division of the Drainage Department of the City Council has been carrying some river maintenance work recently. Officials have informed me that where vegetation has been growing causing an obstruction to flow in the river it has been removed. Some growth has not been removed because of ecological reasons. The City Council has pointed out to me that householders are free to make their own arrangements to have trees or branches pruned back should they be overhanging your property.


Throughout the past number of weeks, I have been liaising with the Public Domain Office of Dublin City Council to ensure this year’s weed removal programme starts early, given how relatively mild our winter has been. Officials have informed me that two complete sprays will be carried out across the Clonliffe Road and Ballybough area during the coming months with the first one scheduled to commence on April 14th next. The second round of weed spraying is expected to begin around August 1st. However, these dates are very much weather dependent. Dublin Central is scheduled to be the first of the five administrative areas in the city to be completed.


Over recent weeks, I have been holding advice clinics across the North Inner City. Since my election to the City Council, I have tried to be as accessible to you as possible. I hope that you will find my regular clinics of use. Please take the opportunity to come along and highlight with me any issue of particular concern to you. My Clonliffe Road and Ballybough advice centre will be held in the Larkin Unemployment Centre on North Strand Road. This clinic takes place on the third Monday of each month starting from 7pm. For example, the next clinic will be held on Monday April 16th. If you need to speak to me about an urgent issue, please call me on 086 847 1720