Closure of Sean McDermott Street Swimming Pool

8th December, 2009

I attended a public meeting on this issue in St Agatha’s Hall, North Strand this evening. It was organised by ICON and about the planned closure of the local DCC swimming pool.

I am completely against this closure and will work with Councillor Ray mcAdam to do all we can to keep it open. In the meeting I suggested the following steps.

Firstly, keep it open for the next 6 months. If it closes at Christmas it’s gone. We have to create space to come up with a solution.

Secondly, strip it out of the normal budgetary process.

Thirdly, I will raise it with the Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism to see if any central funding is available.

Finally, do all we can to find options with senior city council staff and management.

The rationale for it’s closure is that it’s not making money. Since when do public swimming pools make money?