Deadlock must be broken on populating Fr. Scully House – Donohoe

27th November, 2014

Modern day scandal that purpose-built premises to house the most vulnerable lie empty


Fine Gael Dublin Central TD and Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Paschal Donohoe, has called for the impasse that has occurred in housing people in Fr. Scully House on Gardiner Street in Dublin 1 to be brought to an end. Minister Donohoe said that State funding had been provided for the construction of a facility to house the most vulnerable and that due to the rent levels that are being sought by the agency in charge the building remains unoccupied.


“It is a modern day scandal that the people for whom this facility was built are being left in limbo with no chance being given to them to move into, or back to, Fr. Scully House. This premises was designed for those with specific categories of housing need, including the homeless, older people, those with disabilities, returning emigrants and victims of domestic abuse. The fact that the rents being sought, which are more in line with market rents than with what the potential inhabitants could reasonably be expected to pay, is an affront to them and deprives them of the chance at a fresh start and the opportunity to build their own home.


“We have been through difficult times in the past few years, making this situation all the more unfathomable. The State has prioritised funding for the construction of this much needed facility and it is ready to be occupied. However, due to the current impasse, the most in need are being prevented from taking up residence where it was intended.


“I understand that talks have been on-going for a considerable period of time in an attempt to resolve this issue and I would encourage all sides to exercise reason and to engage fully to bring this matter to an end so that the most vulnerable can be given a second chance to build a home and a brighter future.”