Digital Gaming in Ireland: Fine Gael Policy Recommendations

21st February, 2011


Executive Summary

The digital gaming industry is a huge global business, with significant potential growth. With many indigenous and some international companies within the industry already operating out of Ireland, more can be done to accelerate our progress in this sector.

Ireland has enjoyed commercial success by supporting creative industries such as film making. An ‘innovation’ economy has been identified as a key component of sustainable economic progress. The digital games industry is a prime example of where creation and commercialisation meet.

Fine Gael will target this sector for enhanced development. We believe that opportunities exist to support Irish entrepreneurs who want to develop and launch digital games. We also believe that opportunities exist to attract into Ireland companies that will design and publish digital games, in addition to the current roles of some existing companies. The location of Facebook and Google in Ireland offers a huge opportunity to drive gaming industries that will utilise these platforms.

We recommend the following policies to support this sector:

1.      That €10 million euro of the Innovation Fund Ireland be reserved for investment in new digital gaming ventures.

2.      A campus presence be established for this Fund to invest in start up digital gaming companies.

3.      Optimise the structure of R&D tax credits currently on offer to include the costs associated with the development and design of games.

4.      Trial a sectoral specific plan to attract global game designing talent to Ireland.

5.      Develop the ‘Digital Docklands’ concept and promote Ireland internationally as a digital gaming hub.

6.      Introduce a Digital Media Component to Transition Year Programmes.

7.      Ensure Ireland is marketed as a location of digital gaming investment.