Do we ever learn?

27th January, 2009

The EU affairs committee met today. Most of our meeting was taken with a discussion on the Commission’s Work Programme for 2009. This document reviews what the Commission wants to do for the coming year. There was a huge amount in the programme that will make a great difference to our country. The work that they are doing on financial supervision is particularly important.



The one thing that I could not get over though was the content of the communications strategy. It focuses on “inter institutional priorities”. It goes on to say that an additional priority will be “focused on explaining
the added value of the EU in areas where the citizens have increasingly shown their concern”.

That says it all. The first priority should be in this area. The EU needs to work very hard to demonstrate it’s relevance and role in the lives of everyone. I was disappointed to see that not ring through into the
Commission Plan for 09.