Docks, Ports and Banks.

11th February, 2009

I have already commented on the gravity of the revelations with regard to Anglo Irish Bank. As I write, this is being debated in Dail Eireann. I hope the government now ditches their current plan as I believe no private equity will be available to any Irish bank.

My concerns are now of a costal nature. I am back in the Seanad watching the Harbours Bill been strangled to death by filibuster. Why didn’t the government backbenchers do this over the medical card or school cuts? Isn’t it unusual that passion and commitment can be found over something like a port but not over cervical screening for young girls?

I am also very disturbed by the revelations over Dublin Docklands Authority. I know some of the people in that body. They are good people doing fine work. The Sean O Casey centre in East Wall is a case in point. But it is not acceptable that one state body should not be paying interest on a loan from any bank, let alone a nationalised one.

There cannot be one law for the tax payer and another for those using tax payer money. The good people of the DDA need to quickly clear this up.