Don’t agree with him but……..

21st February, 2009

Below letter was in the Irish Times yesterday. Don’t agree with it (obviously!). But it did bring a smile.

I have always believed in a highly rational model of voting behaviour. People vote according to an expanded model of self interest. Voters decide what is best for themselves and their families and vote accordingly. In general elections you must appeal to a broad sense of self interest.

So I’m not sure the hint of sulpher plays such a large role in most people voting for the ruling class (FF).

That said, I just think of the ruling class loyalists that I’ve clashed with when I read the letter below.

“Madam, – The outrage being expressed by many of the electorate is understandable, but one question I would put to those who voted Fianna Fáil or Independent in the last election is: “What did you expect to happen?”

Fianna Fáil has always resonated with Irish society because it is the party most closely associated with “cute hoorism” and “stroke-pulling”, which are much admired by many people. This is also the reason why it has the worst record of any party on corruption.

But do people care? Clearly a large minority of Irish people don’t, because they vote for Fianna Fáil every time

As for Independents, leaving aside the occasional candidate such as Joe Higgins, who has a distinct political ideology, most are only out to get what they can for their own constituency. Is it any wonder, then, that we get a banana republic as the outcome

Maybe now those who vote this way will realise that you won’t improve the nation’s education or health system by voting for someone who will spend time looking after individual requests from voters.

Perhaps a 10 per cent levy on people who voted Fianna Fáil in the last election would help to hammer the message home and restore order to the public finances.”