Don’t miss out on having your say about the future of Dublin

17th February, 2021

Dublin City Council has begun the process of reviewing and updating its Development Plan – the rulebook upon which all future development is based on and judged against.


The Development Plan is a public document that is used to guide development and sets out the vision for how Dublin should develop and evolve through the lifetime of the plan. It is important because it sets out the overall strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of the city. It contains detailed policies and objectives regarding future development. It includes a series of zoning maps which form the basis for deciding the appropriate location for different types of development and which underpin the decision-making process for planning applications.


The first step in preparing a new Development Planis to review the existing Plan. Examine what has worked, what areas need improving and how do we address the challenges facing the city of Dublin between 2022 and 2028 for when the Plan will be in place. An essential part of this review is the public consultation that allows you have your say on what should be and should not be included in the new Development Plan thereby ensuring that the document reflects a shared vision, guiding future development for the benefit of the city and all its citizens.


A Strategic Issues Paper has been prepared to inform the first stage of public consultation. This provides an overview of the key themes, issues and challenges that are likely to be considered in the new plan. The key themes are:

1. Shaping the City How should the city grow?
2. Climate ActionHow should we protect the city’s natural environment and promote a low carbon society?
3. Quality Housing and Sustainable NeighbourhoodsHow do we improve our neighbourhoods?
4. The City Economy How do we support economic growth and spread the benefits across the whole community?
5. The City, Urban Villages and Retail How can we support shops and markets in the city?
6. Sustainable Movement and TransportHow do we encourage more people to use public transport, walk and cycle?
7. Green Infrastructure, Open Space, Recreation and Natural Heritage How should the city facilitate the growing need for sporting and recreational uses?
8. Built Heritage and Archaeology How can Dublin’s archaeology and important older buildings be best promoted and protected?
9. Culture How can we support new cultural spaces in the city?
10. Sustainable Environmental Infrastructure and Flood RiskHow can we support new technologies for clean energy and high-quality digital connectivity?


It is so important that your views can be heard and incorporated, resulting in the best plan possible for all of us who call Dublin City home. Your submission does not need to be a long report, it can simply be a comment on what you love about the city, or ideas on how it can be improved in the future.


You can provide your feedback or share your views with me and the City Council online or by post.


To make a submission ONLINE, please go to


To make a submission by post, please send your submission to: Development Plan Team, Planning & Property Development Department, Dublin City Council, Wood Quay, Dublin 8.


The deadline for you to have your say on the pre-Draft stage of the Development Plan is 4.30pm on Monday, February 22nd 2021.


For more information on the Issues Paper, the Development Plan process and a more in depth examination of challenges that the new Development Plan will need to meet head on, take a look at . My colleague, Councillor Ray McAdamChair of the City Council’s Planning & Urban Strategic Policy Committee, has prepared an easy to follow guide on the Development Plan, what it is, how it is prepared, the issues involved and the consultation process over the next two years.


Please get in touch with me at Paschal.Donohoe@oir.ieif you have any questions or queries relating to the Development Plan or any other issue of concern to you, your family or neighbourhood.