Drumcondra Business in the Community

9th February, 2010

I spoke at a meeting of Drumcondra Business in the Community last week.

This was an excellent meeting where all of the local businesses in the area get together to discuss common issues and opportunities.

I spoke about my background in business (large and small) and about the need for more business people to participate in the political process. My contribution also focused on the challenges facing small businesses and the need for Government to do more.

The best part of the meeting was to response to my contribution and the Q&A. These businesses are hanging on for dear life and believe that Government and local authorities are trying to kill their business by a thousand cuts. They pointed to the City Gate, the new speed limit and the recent water shortages as examples of these cuts.

The whole thing forcefully reminded me of the help that small businesses need and the pressure that they are under. They feel that no one cares and that nothing is been done. Maybe they’re right but the changing of this perception alone would have a positive impact on the economy.