Economy growing, making jobs

10th March, 2009

On a recent media appearance I resolved to emphasise on every occasion the fact that our country can and will recover from this downturn and that we will emerge from this as a stronger and fairer society if the right decisions are made. Many people have since contacted me to say how refreshed they were to hear this attitude in public.

It’s now clear that many other people feel the same frustration as I do about the negativity in our country at the moment. We cannot accept it. We will triumph. An inititaive has now been launched to capitalise on this resilience and come up with constructive proposals to create jobs and get our economy growing again. It is called the ideas campaign and is accessible here (

Please support it with your ideas and message. I will be keeping an eye on it myself and hope to use some of their ideas and proposals in the Oireachtas.