Enda, the Seanad and me.

19th October, 2009

Rarely have I received so many calls from people worried about my prospects and me. One constituent, who met me in the newsagents this morning, advised me to buy a newspaper quickly before Enda took my salary away from me!!!!


So then, what do I make of it?


It’s simple. We’re borrowing 1 euro out of every 3 that we spend. We’re facing 500,000 people unemployed. 1 home out of every 4 is facing negative equity. Any institution that isn’t part of the solution to these issues is part of the problem. The Seanad is one of these. We’re not helping so we should go.


Of course it makes me worried. Will I have a job in a year’s time or not?


Well then, I’m no different to most people reading this site. That’s the way it should be.