15th February, 2009

I spent yesterday morning canvassing with Enda Kenny in Cabra. I have done this kind of thing a lot with him but the reception that we got yesterday was stunning.

People are often shocked by the difference between Enda on the TV and Enda in real life. He can sometimes appear a bit stilted on the box. In real life he is anything but.

Firstly, he has a huge amount of charisma. He is so warm and engaging in the flesh. So many of the people we met yesterday commented on how different he is in real life.

Secondly, his energy is stunning. This became evident to many in the 2007 General Election. He just does not stop walking, running or meeting people. As you would expect from a national political figure he knows the country inside out. He knew the home town, school or local pub for half the people we met yesterday.

He got mobbed yesterday. There was a crowd of people all the time waiting to meet him. Taoiseach Enda.? You’d better believe it.