Fairview Park – Improvement Works

26th October, 2011

Residents from the North Strand have been in touch with Councillor Ray McAdam and I seeking an update on the redevelopment of Fairview Park. We understand that the Parks and Landscape Division of the City Council is currently at the latter stages of the procurement process regarding the playground, bandstand and seasonal bedding improvements. A report has been forwarded from the Parks & Landscape Division seeking the appropriate managerial approval with respect to the preferred contractor for the project. On receipt of this approval, a letter of acceptance will be forwarded to the firm who will arrange the completion of the contract documentation. The firm is then required under the contract to commence on site works within 20 days, which generally consists of site occupation works. The programme of on-site works is expected to last 21 weeks. The temporary playground will remain in place and will be maintained until the permanent playground is available for use.