FF’s tourism tax does further damage as Ryanair axes Dublin services

30th July, 2009

Fianna Fáil’s tourism tax has done yet more damage to the economy as Ryanair announced a 20% cut in services from Dublin this winter, according Fine Gael Seanad Transport Spokesman Senator Paschal Donohoe.”This is a serious blow to Dublin Airport and to the wider economy, especially the tourism industry. It shows that Fianna Fáil’s decision to impose the €10 travel tax was sheer madness.


“The loss of one fifth of all Ryanair flights will have a direct impact on the number of tourists visiting Ireland. It will also affect businesses by reducing the number of destinations available from Dublin.


“In the middle of the deepest recession in living memory, the Government should be aiming to grow the tourism industry. We have a natural advantage in this sector, which is worth €6.3 billion to the economy.


“Tourism numbers have collapsed this year, and there is no doubt that the €10 tourism tax has had an impact. Visitor numbers were down by 1.84% in May, the first month of the season, with a quarter of a million fewer tourists coming to Ireland.


“The Government should be trying to break down roadblocks to travel into Ireland, instead of putting up further barriers. Yet Fianna Fáil seems determined to inflict damage on our tourism industry.


“Fine Gael has been campaigning for the abolition of the €10 tourist tax since its introduction. The Government must scrap this crazy tax before further damage is inflicted.”