Fianna Fail’s increasingly farcical attacks only expose their own policy vacuum – Donohoe

12th February, 2011

Fine Gael Dublin Central Candidate, Paschal Donohoe, today (Saturday) described as ‘laughable’ attacks by Fianna Fail’s Niall Collins on Fine Gael’s intention to cut quangos by 145 as part of its Five Point Plan to get Ireland working.

“Fianna Fail’s increasingly farcical attacks only show up their own paucity of policy. Today the party which created over 200 quangos is again deliberately misrepresenting Fine Gael policy. Or else they’re simply unable to count.

“Clearly, NewERA reduces the number of State Agencies. First of all, the so-called new agencies Niall Collins cites are actually commercial companies that are not funded by the taxpayer. Secondly, these new companies involve the merger or rationalisation of existing State companies, thereby reducing numbers. All of this information is readily available to Niall Collins in our comprehensive ‘Reinventing Government’ document. His desperate attempts to mislead are simply laughable.”