First day back

24th September, 2009


Yesterday was the first day of the new Seanad term. It was great to be back. So much to do.


Spent the early part of my morning responding to the news that JC Decaux have threatened legal action to stop a company providing details of Dublin rental banks via iPhones. I’ve heard it all now. We should be doing all we can to encourage innovation not stamp it out. I did a TV interview on this.


After that I spent the morning researching the new Transport Regulation Bill 2009. I read the full bill and then researched key aspects of it. Decided my key points in relation to it.


In the afternoon I attended the Order of Business. It lasted for 2 hours as colleagues made all the points that they dwelled upon during the summer. I attacked the role of UKIP in the Lisbon debate and their cheek in lecturing us on immigration. I asked whether the FF plan was to fix the banking crisis by making homes unaffordable for ordinary workers.


After this a Transport Committee meeting with the Road Safety. Only made a few minutes of it because I was held up in the Order of Business. After this I had a meeting with Fergus O’Dowd TD on the new public transport bill.


The day then ended with a parliamentary party meeting, and 2 public meetings in my constituency. A normal day.