First Review into Action Plan for Jobs 2012

24th May, 2012

The Taoiseach along with Richard Burton TD, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation recently published the first quarterly report into the Action Plan for Jobs 2012. As you know this plan contained more than 270 action points to be implemented by all Government Department and across 36 State Agencies. The Action Plan is being constantly monitored and reviewed by the Department of Taoiseach so that the best possible environment is in place for businesses and companies to expand and to create new jobs.

The review found over 95% of the initial action points have been implemented and with 80 measures delivered in the opening four months of 2012. These measures include:

  • Introduction in the Dail of legislation setting up a Credit Guarantee Scheme to help small & medium businesses access credit.
  • Provision of an extra 6,000 college places under the Springboard programme allowing job-seekers to retrain and develop further skills to help get them a job.
  • Launched a Development Capital Scheme to help address the funding gap for indigenous companies that have good prospects of job & export growth.
  • Launched first Sports Capital funding programme in four year with a €30 million fund.
  • Allocation of €20 million to a new Education and Training fund.
  • ‘Succeed in Ireland’ initiative launched to help deliver at least 5,000 jobs in five years.

These are some of the actions that have been delivered to date by Government. We have made much progress on tackling the job crisis currently affecting our country. This Action Plan represents the first step in an annual plan to help rebuild our economy and to create the best environment possible for employers and companies to grow and expand their businesses and to ultimately hire new workers and create more jobs.