Flights from Cork Airport

30th September, 2014

I understand your frustration regarding the decision of Aer Lingus to reduce the availability of flights from Cork to the continent. However much you may want me to, I do not have the ability to interfere in the day to day commercial decision making process in Aer Lingus. What is in my remit as Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport is the policy direction for Cork Airport and how we can maintain the competitiveness of Cork Airport. In that regard, a number of actions have already been taken.


Firstly, a Cork Airport Development Council has been established to boost the development of the airport. This forum includes senior stakeholders from the tourism and business sectors with an objective of contributing to traffic and route growth to and from Cork Airport.


Secondly, from a policy point of view my Department published a draft National Aviation Policy which a public consultation period recently concluded that includes a specific recognition of Cork Airport’s role as a key tourism and business gateway for the Southern region. I hope to publish the final policy document later this year and I would be happy to send you a copy following publication, particularly those areas that relate to Cork.


I paid my first visit as Minister to Cork earlier this month and on that occasion I visited the airport and met with the Chief Executive. I saw for myself just how fantastic a facility Cork Airport is and I want to assure you that I will continue to work closely with the DAA, the Chief Executive, the Development Council and others in Cork and across the region to support Cork Airport as best I can to ensure that people in the region have the best possible service available.