Gangland murder in peaceful pub has sent shockwaves through Cabra – Donohoe

24th April, 2010

“The community of Cabra is shocked and appalled by this latest gangland murder,” local Fine Gael Senator Paschal Donohoe said today (Saturday).

“This murder happened in a peaceful area, and the shockwaves will be felt for some time. It’s vital that the Government uses new gangland laws to the maximum extent.

“This happened in front of innocent people, and it’s extremely fortunate that no-one was caught up in the crossfire. There have already been far too many innocent victims of gangland crime. It shows clearly just how vulnerable bystanders are when gangland criminals are intent on murder.

“Illegal drugs are the lifeblood of the underworld. We will only defeat gangland by stemming the flood of drugs into the country. And this can only be achieved by placing far greater resources at every port and airport, and along our coastline.

“Fine Gael also wants to see a minimum mandatory sentence of 25 years for murder. This will be a top priority of the next Fine Gael government. And we want to make sure that gangsters cannot operate from inside prisons.”