Getting Excited About the Wrong Things?

14th February, 2009

Had a somewhat deflating week in the Seanad. Caused by the debate on child poverty and vulnerable young people on Wednesday night. It was a private members motion from the Labour Party. I listened to and participated in the debate. Much of it was flat. This was so at odds with the hugely emotional and tragic nature of the subject been debated. The debate ended with no vote been taken. A disappointing end to the evening. God knows what those looking at the debate thought.

On the other hand the debate on the Electoral Amendment Bill and the Harbours Amendment Bill were passion and commitment filled sessions. Speakers lined up to debate constituency revisions and the future of local
ports. Why? Obviously, the councillors on the port authorities and the public representatives in constituencies have powerful voices. Children in care do not.

Don’t get me wrong. I know how important ports and public representation is. I have spoken on both. However I was really struck by the emotion present in those debates that was by and large lacking in the debate on children. That, in itself, made a point to me.