7th November, 2013

Gardai in Mountjoy Station continue to be involved with a number of targeted operations which are designed to tackle the on-going problem of anti-social behaviour and house burglaries across the district. The local Superintendent has advised me that Operation ACER continues to be in place with checkpoints, surveillance and stop and searches being carried out on a daily basis. His team have been responsible for more than one thousand stop and searches been carried out under the Misuse of Drugs legislation this year. This action has resulted in a number of arrests for possession of dangerous weaponry, possession and intent to sell and supply illegal drugs. I understand that the Gardai are continuing with a programme of regular inspections of licensed premises in order to target the sale of alcohol to minors. More than 200 licensed premises have been inspected across the Division so far this year with eight premises being shut. This continues to be a priority issue for the Gardai and this programme will continue on an on-going basis.
Michael Noonan TD, Minister for Finance will be announcing details of the Budget for the coming year this afternoon. All of the details announced today will be outlined in my ‘Know Where You Stand’ information guide to the Budget which will be published shortly. If you would like additional copies or if you do not receive your own guide, please contact me on 618 3689 and I will arrange for one to be sent to you.
Earlier this year, Dublin City Council announced plans for a new programme of tree planting across the city as part of the Council’s plans to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the Easter Rising. One of the areas selected by the Parks Department for tree planting is the green in front of homes on Claremont Lawns. Officials have advised me that this work is due to begin before the end of October and will be concluded by mid-November. It is also envisaged that a memorial plaque will be sited on the green as part of this programme of tree planting. Council officials are currently considering ideas from the public regarding the design of the plaque. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email me at and I will pass your suggestions onto the Parks Department.
Following the Government’s adoption of the Road Safety Strategy 2013-2020, cyclists involved in dangerous cycling could be liable to a fixed charge notice. It is expected that this decision will come into effect from the middle of 2014. This measure is being brought in to promote safe cycling practices, discourage dangerous cycling, and as part of a broader strategy to encourage more people to cycle on a more regular basis. Cycling has many benefits including reduced congestion on the roads, benefits to health and fitness, and is a much more sustainable form of travel than the motor car. The introduction of such a measure is to better ensure our roads are safe for all who use them. Roads are a shared public space and belong to everyone: drivers, cyclists, pedestrian and heavy vehicles. We all have to use them responsibly and obey the rules that protect us all.  The final list of offences has not yet been determined, but these are likely to include: Going through a red light; Cycling on a footpath; Failure to yield right of way at a ‘Yield’ sign. No decision has been taken on the fines but they are likely to be €50 or higher – lower than equivalent motoring fines, but sufficiently high to act as a deterrent.
A request from residents for the installation of speed ramps in Glasnevin Court has been turned down by the Traffic Advisory Group following its meeting last month. The request was not recommended because the road is less than one hundred metres in length. All requests for traffic calming measures are judged against criteria that require a road to have a straight run of at least 200 metres and that traffic volumes do not exceed 60 vehicles per hour. The Traffic Advisory Group has, however, approved a request to introduce coach parking along the Finglas Road, opposite Glasnevin Cemetery & Museum. This scheme will be in effect between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Sunday and coaches will only be permitted to park up for a maximum of fifteen minutes at any given time. The introduction of this coach parking scheme will result in the removal of the existing Pay & Display car-parking system. Council officials have not yet provided any time-line for the introduction of this system but as soon as those details are provided to me, I will ensure that residents are updated.