Government-supported Greening Project for East Wall

1st October, 2020

Dublin City Council has prepared plans for the installation of a greening project at the junction of Bargy Road and Forth Road in East Wall.


Officials have already circulated to householders in the area details of the proposed intervention seeking their input and feedback before October 9th next. The area in question has been subjected to substantial dangerous and illegal parking and it is hoped that this project will help reduce such problems but also enhance the appearance of the public realm.



The proposed project is part of Dublin City Council’s North East Inner City (NEIC) Greening Strategy which strives to advance greening measures and improve the provision of parks and facilities for local residents and communities.


The concept proposal for Forth Road and Bargy Road Junction is the installation of four planting beds.  The beds will contain an understorey of flowering plants and bulbs for year-round attraction and four native trees with granite kerbs.  The proposed trees are the Double Flowered Cherry Tree.


This project follows on from the huge work being done across East Wall by Dublin City Council and East Wallers themselves to enhance the appearance of their streets and neighbourhoods. Indeed, one has only to see for themselves the new Wild Flower Garden on Shelmalier Road. For so long, both myself and Councillor Ray McAdam had to contact the Public Domain section of the Council to remove illegally dumped rubbish and cars that had been parked in a illegal way. Since then, this area has been cordoned off with the installation of bollards and earlier this year repurposed as a Wild Flower Garden.




If you have any thoughts, views or feedback on the plans prepared by Dublin City Council for the Forth Road / Bargy Road project, please share that with me at The deadline for you to share your feedback is Friday week next, October 9th.