Halliday Square parking update

20th March, 2014

The following is an update on an issue previously raised with me regarding the provision of Permit Parking and Pay & Display on Halliday Square.


The need for Permit Parking and a Pay & Display scheme on Halliday Square is something that has been frequently raised with both myself and Councillor Ray McAdam when we have called to homes in Halliday Square. Prior to Christmas, a petition lodged with the Traffic Department by Councillor McAdam signed by an over-whelming majority of households on the Square. As a result of this, the City Council agreed to recommend the introduction of both Pay & Display and Permit Parking. Before such schemes could be approved, they required to be supported by a ballot of residents in accordance with Dublin City Council’s Parking Bye Laws.


I understand that the ballot concluded last month and the result of was recently provided to Councillor McAdam and I. Approximately seventy per-cent of residents have backed the scheme which will see the introduction of Pay & Display and Permit Parking on Halliday Square. The formal result will have to be ratified by local Councillors at the April meeting of the Central Area Committee. A statutory consultation with emergency services and other stakeholders will take place following the meeting but there should not be any inordinate delays in rolling out this scheme. I hope this information is of use to you but if you have any questions or queries arising from the information outlined above please get in touch with myself or Councillor McAdam.