I predict a riot.

25th November, 2010

Street RiotSpeaking in the Seanad today Senator Paschal Donohoe strongly criticised the statement by the Technical Engineering and Electrical Union calling for a campaign of civil disobedience in response to the launch of the 4 Year Plan.

“This is an irresponsible statement and will give encouragement to forces that do not represent the interests of working people. The possibility of riots and violence does not serve anyone. Those calling for civil disobedience must answer 3 questions.

First, what exactly does this call mean? Is the union movement aware of the danger that such comments could give succour to those elements who are up for a ruck and intent on violence and destruction of private property? Are they encouraging supporters to charge Government departments and attack Gardai?

Second, what would it achieve? No doubt they may look somewhat enviously at the protest movements in Greece and France but they cannot point to any achievements of those groups,bar the deaths of some bank workers.

Third, they have signalled that they will campaign against the implementation of this plan. Does that mean they will encourage civil disobedience against any future Government committed to implementing parts of this plan?

The answer to our crisis is a peaceful election in which any union can play their part. Our national interest will not be served by riots on our streets.”