I’m Furious

28th April, 2009

I have just seen Michael Martin’s statement about not giving up his teacher’s job. He has said that he wants to keep this job open because of how uncertain political life is. This man is a cabinet minister (has been since 1997 I think) and a regular poll topper. What a gutless thing to say and do. If I lose my job in the Oireachtas I will be unemployed. That risk is a price worth paying for life as a politician.

But actions and statements like these bring my chosen career into disrepute. Is it any wonder that so many accuse politicians of not living in the real world? Of not understanding what life is like for the people they serve? I am just furious to hear of such a spineless statement.

I have a young family too. I am not a poll toper, anything but. FF deserve to be thrown out and kept out because of statements like these.