In honour of Bertie…

11th July, 2009

Everywhere that I go in my constituency I see plaques in honour of Bertie Ahern. He’s opened every hospital, shop, window and door in my constituency and there’s a plaque there to remind us all of it. It’s normally accompanied by a picture in the press of him opening the plaque with loyal Fianna Fail representatives.

Will he do the same for the offices of NAMA? Is he lobbying for it to be opened in Dublin Central maybe beside the new National Children’s hospital?

It would be fitting as it is the only legacy that he will leave behind for the ordinary people of Ireland.

He mightn’t have got the Bertie Bowl but maybe he’ll get that instead?

After all NAMA will be there to manage the consequences of the decisions that he made. Cyprian and Bertie could open it together!

If the ex Taoiseach does decide against this I think that I might do it for him. I could have a plaque made and get it ready for the official opening. It would read ‘Opened for Bertie Ahern TD by the people of Ireland in recognition of his love for our (now bust) banks.