Is Micheál Martin proposing to give up our tax veto?

2nd February, 2020

Will Martin try to blame yet another Fianna Fáil manifesto typo?

The Fianna Fáil manifesto commits a European Fiscal and Transfer Union but this will undermine our FDI model and put employment across the country under threat according to the Minister for Finance and Fine Gael Director of Organisation, Paschal Donohoe.

The FF vow raises serious concerns about their commitment to 12.5% Corporation Tax rate in the long run and Irish control over our budgets.

“Voters will ask if Fianna Fáil is really committed to this initiative?

“It goes against long-standing Irish policy across many different governments.

“It would seem to me that it is just another example of a campaign pledge that Micheál Martin and Fianna Fáil have made without any thought and consideration.

In this way, it is just like their commitment to rent freezes, keeping an Emergency Department in Bantry, Co Cork open that does not exist and their housing policy ‘typos’.

“Will Micheál Martin will say that this is it just another ill-research and poorly thought out idea?

“And which member of the Fianna Fáil HQ team will Micheál blame this time?

“This just sums up the lack of thought and consideration that Fianna Fáil give to European politics. Last week we had their only MEP attacking RTE about their coverage of European politics. This was just after he was flip flopping on whether to vote for or against the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and risk a no-deal Brexit crashout.

“This is hardly surprising given that, in the days after the Votergate scandal, when he had sacked Timmy Dooley from his frontbench, he was still happy to endorse Timmy Dooley as Vice-President of the ALDE Party in Europe.”


Note: Page 19 of the Fianna Fáil Manifesto:

“Build a real Fiscal and Transfer Union to prepare for future downturns

“The Eurozone needs to be prepared for an inevitable future downturn. A Eurozone budget and joint bond issues will help to address the imbalance between monetary union and the lack of fiscal union.

“We will work with our EU colleagues to build up a mutually beneficial Fiscal union.”

Explanation: A Fiscal and Transfer Union will see a central European budget making process, with powers of budget making and tax powers transferred from national governments to the European Union centrally.