It’s the economy, stupid

3rd February, 2011

There would be no need for James Carville to impart this advice in this campaign.

Today’s campaign theme is economics. It will be the story of every day of the election- and beyond- but today gives voters a good opportunity to see the details of the proposals of the various parties. It is heartening to see that Michael Noonan has provided a plan that will bring the country back into a current surplus by 2016. This is the kind of thing that has been lacking for far too long- a long term road map to prosperity (remember that word) that will instill hope and stability.

Michael has emerged as the star of Irish politics in the last six months.
After the terrible events of 2002 he is now back at his best.
So too is Enda coming into his own. His satisfaction rating is climbing, he showed backbone in the debate saga and he continues to avoid making promises he can’t keep. With three weeks to go, anything can happen. So far, we’re carving out a small bit of advance each day.